Thursday, April 06, 2006

Eating Their Own

Wow. Administration officials are begin to gnaw on each other, which is not a good sign and certainly indicates a lack of cohesion in the troops, White House troops, that is.

Rumsfeld spoke up against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent statement that the US has made "thousands of tactical errors" in Iraq. Rummy didn't like this at all:
Rumsfeld said calling changes in military tactics during the war "errors" reflects a lack of understanding of warfare. Rumsfeld defended his war plan for Iraq but added that such plans inevitably do not survive first contact with the enemy.

"Why? Because the enemy's got a brain; the enemy watches what you do and then adjusts to that, so you have to constantly adjust and change your tactics, your techniques and your procedures.

"If someone says, well, that's a tactical mistake, then I guess it's a lack of understanding, at least my understanding, of what warfare is about."
Of course, no one believes that Rumsfeld has much understanding of warfare, either, so who are we to believe? I still place my belief in actual military commanders, who tell us that neither of them has a clue. I'm just waiting for a good ol' arm wrastlin' to come out of this.

Apart from the enjoyable sight of this White House self-flagellation, there appears to be an utter lack of communication on Pennsylvania avenue these days. Things are in obvious disarray there and it will probably only get worse as Bush withdraws further from actual functionality and all the king's horses scatter even further across the field.

This should be fun to watch.


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