Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Federal Interest Rate on the Rise Tom DeLay, that is.

Despite WaPo's gloss on DeLay's problems, with lots of smoochy talk about DeLay's "own terms" and as trumpeted by the headline, it looks like my previous speculation, though hardly considered to be going out on a limb, proved to be right on:
The associates acknowledged that DeLay made his decision against the backdrop of a felony criminal charge in Texas that is unlikely to be resolved quickly, and amid growing interest by the Justice Department and the FBI in his family finances and the official actions he took at the behest of aides who recently pleaded guilty to involvement in a criminal conspiracy.
That last line sure looks to me like Rudy and maybe Scanlon are figuring in the story, just as expected. I love how DeLay has managed to keep up his damn Yankees rhetoric, knowing full well that his own boys ratted him out.


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