Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You will be assimilated

When John Kerry spoke today at the University of Florida Gainesville, student Andrew Meyer asked three questions during the Q&A:

1) Given that you won the 2004 election per Greg Palast's book, Armed Madhouse, why did you concede so on the day of the election itself when there were many reports on the day of the election of disenfranchisement of black voters and corrupted vote count? Kerry while the question was in progress said he didn't need to read the book b/c he already had read it.

Meyer said he had two more questions and asked them.

2) If you are really so opposed to the Invasion of Iraq(Iran?), why don't you urge impeachment of Bush now before he can invade Iran? Clinton was impeached for a blow job, invading Iraq/Iran is much for serious than that.

3) Were you a member of the secret society Skull & Bones in college?

Police swarmed Meyer to pull him from the microphone and remove him from the room. When he, like Rev. Lennox Yearwood at the D.C. Capital, whose leg was broken by D.C. b/c he asked why he was singled out to be refused admission to hear Petraeus testify, Meyer was thrown to the ground, swarmed, and tasered, screaming in pain. The fact that he didn't do anything wrong did not matter.

(between seconds 28-30, one officer can be seen with his taser(?) pistol drawn, aimed at the student.)

It is difficult to gauge what is worse in this whole despicable scene, the ridiculous behaviour of the cops, who clearly wanted to shut him down before he even asked a question, the sound of the monotonous Kerry, droning on in the background as though nothing was going on, or indeed the pathetic sight of an entire audience of Americans, who clearly have been quelled into submission by decades of rough police tactics and endless media browbeating, sitting on their hands while a fellow citizen is tackled and tasered for daring to ask some difficult questions.

While the episode is a small one, it speaks volumes about the real state of the union. And that state is none too healthy. That the questions were rather uncomfortable is without doubt and the first question is one that everyone who voted for the dopey drone would probably like to ask. But rather than demand that security leave the student alone and let him sit down, Kerry blathered on, apparently comfortable with the idea that, in the United States, such brute force in response to questioning authority figures is perfectly reasonable. No wonder the limp excuse for a suit rack gave up without a fight. Dissent holds no quarter with John Kerry, who apparently didn't think he was fighting for freedom when he was in Vietnam.

Says this guy:


Blogger Name withheld :) said...

Republicans would not have acted differently. I've seen how they react first hand. Republican, Democrat, this behavior is the order of the day.

1:50 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...

I never implied that they would. This is a far larger testimony about the state of the country and what is now considered routine and permissible behaviour by police. Note the official media reports are already coming out and blaming the student, painting him as a "prankster" and quoting the thug police that Meyer's attitude changed completely once he was off camera. This has the salubrious effect of making it sound exactly like a "prank" and therefore not a serious incident.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Maheanuu Tane said...

Right On Righteous!

I am a retired military veteran, and Vietnam Vet. I spent my entire career defending the constitution and bill of rights. The Right of Free Speech is just that..

I hope the student sues the school to the point that he gets a Dr's Degree in his vocation.

I personally would hunt down this bunch of assholes had they done that to me, my taser would have been an extension cord attached to their genitals.

Nuff Said! God Damn the "new" US Government. Fascist Pig Bastards.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

get your facts straight. he doesn't have a gun drawn, he has his taser drawn. the muzzle is much too large to be a handgun. the police, at first, gave him an opportunity to peacefully leave the auditorium. he didn't. it was then that they tasered him.

2:06 PM  
Blogger theBhc said...

After reading various coverage, I agree that that is probably not a pistol but a taser gun and have corrected the caption.

Nonetheless, I wonder what video you watched that I didn't see. After the question was asked the cops clearly approached and grabbed him. Expectedly he reacted to being grabbed for no apparent reason. I didn't see a whole of "asking" going on. He certainly was not "given an opportunity to peacefully leave."

Where did you see the police ask to him to leave?

On the larger issue, it appears plain that you, as "anonymous," are perfectly comfortable with increasingly draconian police tactics that are manifest in the US today. I expect that you wouldn't be someone who would ask uncomfortable questions of authority figures, that there is no problem with the electoral system in this country, that calls for impeachment are ludicrous and that the Skull and Bones society is just a campus crochet club.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he shouldn't have tried to resist arrest! It was also only a tasser. Yes, we have free speech, but when asked to stop one should stop.

If you watch the video after the police (security) put there hand on him, yes, they did ask him to leave, he resisted them.

4:09 PM  

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