Friday, September 14, 2007

Flock of eagles

True to form and unable to conduct a "pro-war" rally except as a knee-jerk response to an anti-war protest, the dwindling ranks of war supporters are due to set up in Washington on September 15, the same day as a long-planned anti-war protest organized by ANSWER and being led by Iraq Veterans Against the War. Michelle Malkin is summoning the cheering war party for a third annual "counter-protest" otherwise fondly know by wingers as a "Gathering of Eagles." I shit you not.

This gathering is putatively meant to "support the troops," of course. Which, in their, minds means keeping the troops in Iraq ad infinitum or until victory happens along, whichever comes first. If this is anything like their previous efforts, the aerie will be sparsely populated. The rallying cry is expected to be something like,
support the troops over there! so we don't have to support them over ... uh ... here!


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