Sunday, September 16, 2007

JFK: The Bush Connection

Never having been a follower of the JFK conspiracy theories, I confess to not keeping up with the latest stuff. Besides, I have Covert History to do that for me. And there are plenty of current conspiracies of all manner and form on which to keep abreast. So, other than knowing that the Warren Commission was a farce and a sham (like our own contemporaneous version known as the "9/11 commission") and that Vincent Bugliosi must be seriously deranged to have spent years and a thousand pages proving the magic bullet theory (I actually thought I liked the guy after his scathing indictment of the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore), I really wasn't up on the latest research and some of the weird, weird shit that has been coming out.

But I have to tell you -- everyone -- you have got to watch this. The deep background on Prescott Bush and the rest of the Nazis he hung out with can start to blur into an inscrutable web, but then I love that kind of stuff. If you've got an hour and half, watch it. Well done and mesmerizing at times.

I predict what you will do after watching this. You will shake your head. And you will chuckle. It will be a deep and cynical chuckle.

[thanks to Existentialist Cowboy for the video link]


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