Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kill the Messenger

In the post-9/11 panic, Sibel Edmonds tried to blow the whistle on a vast array of criminal activities she came to learn of through her job as a translator for the FBI. While her story and what she tried to expose was covered somewhat in the mainstream media, the tale of a conspiracy of US government officials involved in nuclear arms and drug trafficking has been effectively ignored. Edmonds, however, has remained on the war path against this vast network of corruption, although she remains under a gag order.

A year ago, Kill the Messenger came out and subsequently was ignored along with the rest of her story. Like much that surrounds the fateful day of 9/11, vast realms of criminality remain effectively veiled and have never been addressed by pathetic efforts laughingly labeled "investigations" in this country. Check out Luke's 9/11 post,

The real culprits of 911

Kill the Messenger:


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