Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sad answer

With Iraq the single most pressing issue in the country's conscience, Hillary is playing her usual game:
In her first face-to-face meeting with voters since announcing for president, Hillary Clinton was asked about Iraq and ducked the question.

A man, who identified himself as a Gulf War vet, asked the New York senator at a town meeting in a high school gym here Saturday if the surge of new troops to Iraq “was going to be enough?”

Instead of answering, Hillary (as she is officially called by her campaign) said, “Thanks so much for your service” and then talked about how she visits military hospitals and believes America needs to provide good medical care for its veterans.

In the one-hour town meeting, Hillary did not mention Iraq a single time. She mentioned ethanol twice.
So, the so-called leading Democratic presidential candidate cannot bring herself to even answer a direct question about Iraq or the troop escalation. Pathetic. Ridiculous. As I've said before, Just Say No to Hillary! She exemplifies the DLC and towers above the competition in pussy-foot politicking. She should be stricken from anyone's serious consideration of her as a viable candidate.


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