Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A common refrain

Finally, the full 90 minute broadcast of Bill Moyer's seminal work, The Secret Government, has been posted. It was made during and shortly after the Iran/Contra hearings and, after many years now, what is striking is just how much those involved in The Enterprise sound exactly like the band of lunatics shuffling around in the halls of the White House today. For good reason, of course. More than a few of those Iran/Contra anti-democratic criminals have been hand-picked, probably by Cheney himself, to continue their underworld programs.

But Moyer's piece isn't just about Iran/Contra. Looking all the way back to the CIA coup in Iran in 1953, it examines the coups in Guatemala, Chile, the ramp up of the Vietnam war, the CIA war in Laos, assassination attempts, with the help of the Mafia, on Castro, The Bay of Pigs, Watergate, Moyer's peels away the veil shrouding the ever-increasing secret organisations that find their provenance in the White House. It is not without note that since Watergate, the refrain of every Republican president has been constant when it comes to their authority: When the president does it, it is not illegal.

One reels at seeing it all in 90 minutes. If you can find the time, and I hope you do, watch this.

[thanks to Simbaud at King of Zembla]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stunning and depressing in equal measure.

Cheney and Co. are still to this day subverting the very Constitution that they were elected to uphold.

And the Republicans in Congress have sat by as they did so. Nay, they have actively aided them as they did so.

Cheney seeks to return the Presidential powers that Reagan and Nixon so heinously misused. Power used with no Congressional oversight.

Bush, with his wiretapping and several other illegal activities, is simply carrying on the tradition of Republican administrations.

Though he's too stupid to have thought of this so it must be Cheney's doing.

Until one of these buggers is actually jailed it will never stop. They ignore the law because they consider themselves to be above the law. And no senior figure has ever paid a price. Even Nixon was pardoned.

On a poll on my site some 74% of participants want Bush impeached, yet Pelosi - as you know - refuses to allow that.

Both sides are putting politics above the law. The law should come before any loyalty to any party. Without law, there is nothing.

3:40 PM  
Blogger theBhc said...


"Without law, there is nothing."

Oh, there is something alright. It was why the country started its own revolution.

4:58 PM  

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