Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you believe?

After listening to Bush tonight, I thought: wouldn't it be nice to inhabit that far-off, make believe place of the right wing and actually believe those words in the State of the Union speech? I mean, the words sure sounded great, didn't they? Bush actually delivered the speech with a certain conviction -- perhaps not quite the conviction I have in mind -- but, nonetheless, he offered up a trove of yummy stuff about American goodness and the mission and transforming the Middle East. Just give it a chance!

I'm joking, of course. No, it would not be nice to inhabit such a place. At all.

What would be nice is to have a president who could say such words and be believed by everyone. What would be nice is Bush having a record of honesty and forthrightness, enacting a domestic agenda that would accommodate the unfortunate, help the sick, comfort the afflicted, and care for the elderly. What would be nice is Bush actually purging the halls of government of vile corruption and foul-moneyed interests. What would be nice is having a president who did not lie to the American public, who would refuse to go to war without just cause, who would engage the larger world as partners, co-equals all in the larger journey of humanity on this small globe and, eventually, beyond. Oh, yes, all of that would be nice.

It was no small embarrassment when, toward the end of his speech, Bush introduced some invited guests whose presence was meant to highlight the great character of the nation. Clearly, he couldn't point to himself. It was Bush who begat embarrassment in this speech as we watched truly fine human beings, great and good characters doing marvelous things, turned into props; center pieces used to further justify his abominable war.

What would be nice is having a president who didn't need and would refuse to do such a thing.

Yes, that would be nice.


Blogger dusty said...

It makes one cry to think of how much time is left to suffer this fool, doesn't it?

Some one said they saw a smirk during the speechifying. I missed it. Damn it.That represents the current resident of the oval office.

7:12 AM  

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