Sunday, January 07, 2007

The roots of Democratic terrorism

Nancy D'Alesandro was in Baltimore on Friday, returning for a celebration in her home town. D'Alesandro, of course, is better known in these troubled times as Nancy Pelosi, that "San Francisco liberal." Locals came to a ceremony in which a street in Little Italy was renamed in her honour as the first female speaker of the House in United States history. The neighbourhood is proud of this woman.

Pelosi's upbringing in Little Italy was never mentioned much less celebrated by the media, which either broadcast Republican upbraiding of Pelosi as a San Francisco liberal or decried her as such directly. Growing up in a hard scrabble, working class neighbourhood in rough and tumble Baltimore did not quite fit the theme. So it was ignored. The strategy failed, however, as it turned out that Americans were far more concerned about and dismayed by the pack of unhinged lunatics running the White House than they were about San Francisco Pelosi's ascendancy to the speakership. Nonetheless, the diatribes about Pelosi abounded as did pronouncements that Democrats were, in various degrees, terrorist appeasers, Osama lovers, determined to bring down the great experiment of America. By implication, this clearly meant that those citizens considering voting for Democrats were likewise traitorous. God forbid, anyone would actually celebrate a Democratic victory and especially Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Traitors, all of them.

So, have a look at some of those people -- people from Little Italy where Nancy grew up -- whom Republicans and their intellectually troubled media shills never hesitated in saying wanted America to "loose." They sure look like terrorist appeasers to me. In fact, their burkas and khimars and hijabs are probably back home in the closet, and they can hardly wait to go put them on.


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