Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Soccer Dems

The indefatigable Bob Fitrakis documents more electioneering nonsense in Ohio. Despite most seats having been won by Democrats anyway, this hardly implies that the voting was, in any way, regular. He focuses particularly on the State Auditor race, which pre-election polls showed Democrat Barbara Sykes leading the Republican candidate Mary Taylor by 10%. Taylor surprisingly "won" the race by 1.28%, while over 94,000 votes disappeared in Cuyahoga county -- the scene of so many other discrepancies in past elections, especially in 2004.
In Cuyahoga County which contains the Democratic stronghold of Cleveland, immediately following the election 562,498 votes were reported cast with 30,791 listed as absentee or provisional ballots. The official results show 468,056 counted in Cuyahoga. This means that 94,442 ballots cast in the unofficial total disappeared in the official tallies. This represents a shocking 16.8% of all the votes cast in Cuyahoga.

Sykes won 62% of the vote in Cuyahoga County.

Cuyahoga County uses the controversial Diebold touchscreen voting machines. These machines suffered a notorious meltdown in the 2006 primary where many machines malfunctioned and an Election Science Institute (ESI) report documented significant differences between votes actually cast on the machines as opposed to counted.
But that is not all. In another Democratic stronghold, Lucas country, 10% of the votes similarly vanished. And it goes on and on ...
Other counties with significant and unexplained loss of votes include: Auglaize (15.7%), Coshocton (14.1%), Jackson (11.3%), Licking (14.1%), Morrow (17.4%), and Tuscarawas (11.7%).
Of course, with Dems celebrating their big win in November, they can't be bothered to fret about such petty things as irregularities in the State Auditor race. And they will continue to march into the next election as though nothing is wrong anywhere. In fact, it is to be expected that, in taking the mid-term elections as they did, Democrats will continue to ignore voting machine problems.

The Democrats remind me of gaggle of school kids playing soccer: they've got the ball now and could care less about how that elusive ball fell at their feet. They'll just run around with it in a big jumble until it is taken away again.


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