Thursday, January 04, 2007

Please, do let the door hit you on the way out

Oh man, this Rangel character is really tearin' it up. He booted Cheney from the Veep's staked out office in the Capitol today. This guy is getting better and better:
Rep. Charles Rangel has evicted Vice President Dick Cheney from his office in the Capitol, and the Harlem heavyweight is moving into the prime digs today...

Gilded letters were freshly painted atop the office door yesterday proclaiming "Ways and Means Committee" - confirming that the office now belongs to Rangel, the House panel's new chairman.

Sources said Cheney's and his staff's belongings were removed over the holidays.
Apparently, the office has been the historical domain of the House Ways and Means Committee. When the GOP loaned Cheney the office, the thinking seemed to be that, well, Cheney has many "ways" and is plenty mean so the fit was a natural. Of course, the current crop GOP hucksters never quite understood what "ways and means" actually meant in the context of American government, consigning our recent episode of unbridled spending to the White House and with zero oversight.

I have been rather measured in my expectations for this Democratic Congress. But if this is any indication -- some metaphor -- for what we can expect, things might actually be looking up.

[via Americablog]


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