Friday, January 05, 2007

Jordan's Crossing

It looks like Eason Jordan is taking some heat for his attack on the AP over the Jamil Hussein falderal. You'll recall that AP reported six Sunnis had been dragged from a mosque, into the street and immolated some while back. Their source was an Iraqi police officer, Jamil Hessein. This report caused a furor amongst the right wing, unable to believe that such horror was taking place when freedom and democracy should be prevailing. Surely the liberal media was at work. First the US military said that the AP source didn't exist. Right wingers pounced on the mendacious pronouncements of the US military as cold hard fact and AP replied, as noted by Editor & Publisher, that they had triply sourced the report and Hussein did exist and had been a source for 2 years. Jordan and the right wingers eager to hump the media again for its "liberal bias," pounced on this story. No one could find this man. From their keyboards. Apparently, they'be never been in a war zone.

Well, the Iraqi Interior Ministry has now admiited that Jamil Hussein does exist and is an "active member" of the Iraqi police force, something that had been disputed by the US military and the Interior Ministry earlier. Jordan is now offering up a semi- mea culpa for his half-baked assault -- relying on the word of both the US military or Iraqi "government" for chrissakes -- though he manages to dole out the blame on AP, wondering why it took them so long to find the guy. Uh, war zone, asspiece.

I don't know about this. I recommended Iraqslogger a little while ago but am now beginning to have some reservations. Beware.


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