Monday, December 18, 2006

Buggy whip boy

After Time Magazine named consumers of online sites like YouTube, MySpace and blogs in general as their "Person of the Year," George Will went on television, wearing a fucking bow tie, and proclaimed that such endevours were necessarily the product of an unhealthy trend in self-absorption, as though this hasn't been a feature of the infotainment media industry for decades.
It’s about narcissism, which is why a mirror is absolutely perfect. So much of what is done on the web is people getting on there and writing their diaries as though everyone ought to care about everyone’s inner turmoils. I mean it’s extraordinary.
It must be difficult to measure the level of cognitive dissonance one needs to possess before it allows one to hump themselves and their vacuous opinions on national television -- in a statement-making bow tie -- and complain about everyone else's "narcissism." The bow tie alone delivers a testimony about Will that would probably be lost on him. But like everything else going on with those internets, he just doesn't have a clue that he is an anachronism; a dying leaf withering on the branch of the old-media tree. And like all anachronisms, they usually have no idea that their time is up.


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