Tuesday, December 12, 2006

News flash: Generalisimo Augusto Pinochet is still dead

The Dictator is dead. Long live the dictators. At least that's what the Washington Post seems to be trying to convey, channeling as they are, the murderous Reaganite scholar-thug, Jeane Kirkpatrick.

The colours come out at the Washington Post today, praising Pniochet's embrace of free market policies while agruing that his human rights actrocities were a small price to pay for all that neo-liberal goodness. All those Chileans who were dancing in the streets on the news of Pinochet's death apparently just don't realise or appreciate what a fine legacy the man left.*

If there were any doubts that the "liberal media" have moved into the realm of fascist appeasers, those should be gone now. Glenn Greenwald delivers the appropriate smackdown.

* I couldn't help but notice the contrast in reporting between the Globe and Mail story and the Rupert Murdoch news vehicle, The Australian.

The Australian: SCORES of jubilant Chileans danced in the streets of Santiago today at the news that former dictator Augusto Pinochet had died.

Scores. Got that? A smattering, really.

Globe and Mail:A cacophony of horns sounded as hundreds of thousands took to streets and plazas across the country when it was announced the man who ruled ruthlessly for 17 years had died at age 91, a week after suffering a heart attack.


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