Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pomp and dreadful circumstance

It may look like Donald Rumsfeld is being led away for
disciplinary measures, but that would be wrong.

It must be a mystery how being called the "the finest secretary of defense the nation has ever had" by Dick Cheney might be considered a compliment, but there are a few small circles of hell in which that would be viewed as great praise. But after being summarily dismissed by Bush, Rumsfeld was given his own little going away party, complete with guns but no roses.

On his way out, Rumsfeld continued to warn America of threats, that "the enemy thinks differently," though no one really knew what that meant. The piece de resistance, however, came from Cheney, when he issued his prophetic vision of the future, which we have heard him say many times, that there will be no peace for the world as long as he is around.
In this hour of transition every member of our military, and every person at the Pentagon, can be certain that America will stay on the offensive. We will stay in the fight until this threat is defeated and our children and grandchildren can live in a safer world.
It seems obvious at this point that a "safer world" is really nothing Rumsfeld and Cheney have ever really desired, having extended themselves immensely in sowing distrust and war throughout the globe.


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