Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blitzkrieg for freedom

Not that anyone should know who Melanie Morgan is, and as a reading of her foreign policy statement will shortly reveal, it might be best to keep a goodly distance from her if you do. One thing is certain though: she's ass-whacking crazy. Pining for the days of Anzio and Normandy, Morgan insists that our real problem in Iraq is that we haven't fought a "serious war" in quite sometime. We are not able to do what we used to do then, like fire bombing Dresden, stuff like that.
I think that…yeah, we should have a lot more troops in the beginning. Look, I’m not a cheerleader for the President of the United States. Um, I…I believe that he made the right decision and he did it for the right reasons. I don’t agree with all of the way the war has been prosecuted. I think we should have gone in and just blitzed Iraq. We haven’t had a, a serious war, really, since WWII....
What happened to relieving the Iraqis from the oppression of Hussein? Hey, war is hell....


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