Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Heavyweight politics

In his bid for Maryland's open senate seat, I am beginning to wonder what what on earth Michael Steele thinks he's doing by seeking the endorsement of sheister-promoter Don King and now the backing of Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson! The man is an cannibalistic, punch-drunk, ex-felon rapist and a universally acknowledged idiot. Everyone knows this. These are the kinds of endorsers Steele is gathering for his appeal to the African American population of Maryland? I guess he's realising that his puppy love policy wasn't exactly winning the hearts and minds of Marylanders. So Don King and Mike Tyson are Steele's idea of bringing out the big guns.

Tyson came out and said that he "would do anything" for Steele, which, in Tyson's world view, seems limited to things involving fighting.
I would do anything to help Michael. I would box an exhibition for him. I would even fight again to help Mike. I would do anything.
Ok, so maybe not "anything." Maybe Steele can bring Tyson to the polls and punch out voters as part of a get out the Steele vote program.


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