Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lay off

Is this a great country, or what?
A federal judge in Houston yesterday wiped away the fraud and conspiracy conviction of Kenneth L. Lay, the Enron Corp. founder who died of heart disease in July, bowing to decades of legal precedent but frustrating government attempts to seize nearly $44 million from his family.

The ruling worried employees and investors who lost billions of dollars when the Houston energy-trading company filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2001. It also came more than a week after Congress recessed for the November elections without acting on a last-ditch Justice Department proposal that would have changed the law to allow prosecutors to seize millions of dollars in investments and other assets that Lay controlled.

With the judge's order, Lay's conviction on 10 criminal charges will be erased from the record.
National character, stand up and take a bow.


Blogger dusty said...

His crimes against humanity might be erased..but the civil suits will take a huge chunk of their ill-gotten goods..and I pray to a higher power that the attorneys will get the rest.

Thanks for coming back by the "other' blog today, sorry I missed you.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous robb said...

Boy, that sure would be good reason to bump off dad wouldn't it? The family gets the dough and the admin doesn't have to hear "Kenny Boy" sing like a canary after spending a few days in the clink.

10:27 AM  

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