Friday, October 20, 2006

So, I know dis guy ...

Curt Weldon (R-Pa), under investigation for influence peddling by the FBI, mires himself further in his world of conspiracy. Now Weldon is claiming -- this is primo stuff -- that the DoJ is out to get him, that this whole investigation is "absolutely a partisan political activity on the part of the Justice Department if it occurred." Not sure what the "if it occurred" is supposed to mean. If Weldon does really believe they're out to get him, why qualify it? unless he's somewhat aware that his claim actually makes him sound like a kook.

The "evidence" Weldon claims to be a party to regarding this vast left wing conspiracy within the Justice Department is really choice. It goes something like this, with a little touch of good fellas ouvre thrown in, just to give it s0me edgy, authentic "street":
Hey, I know 'dis guy, an evbeei guy, who tol' me he knows 'dis udda guy who saw some guy at da gym in a Sestak t-shirt who said some shit. A fuckin' Sestak t-shirt! C'mon, what mohdoyaneed? Whadooigaddadoo? Spell it out for ya?
Has the entire GOP become so deusional that they think Democratic candidates have sway over the Bush administration's Department of Justice? These guys run everything and they still think the liberals are ruling the world, persecuting respectable Republicans everywhere. Actually, I don't believe they think that. But they want everyone else


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