Friday, July 07, 2006

Ol' Blackwater, keep on rollin'

Former employee of Blackwater USA, the firm that brought you the Falluja fiasco, Laura Holdren-Nowacki, has been charged with extortion for allegedly trying to wring $1 million out of the firm in exchange for not revealing information regarding details related to the company's four contractors who were killed in Falluja in 2004. The local sheriff claims that she has nothing of interest and Holdren-Nowacki denies the charge. At this point, who knows what any of this means but it will be interesting to pay attention to her trial -- if it gets to that point -- because Holdren-Nowacki says that she is looking forward to her day in court,
I will be more than happy to talk to media after my court appearance on Friday. I've got a lot to say, and some of it will be of interest to the family members of the contractors who died.
Well, now that sounds intriguing. Although, one has to wonder why she didn't "talk to the media" before legal proceedings loomed. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to hear what this "lot" is she has to say.

[via Cut to the Chase]


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