Monday, July 03, 2006

ChoicePoint results in Mexico

It looks all but inevitable at this point and perfectly in keeping with my earlier prediction; the pro-US interest candidate, Felipe Calderón, is claiming a 1.1% lead in the voting with 95% of votes counted. It might be that caging efforts by ChoicePoint netted a slightly smaller vote gain than the expected 2-3% margin imagined, but it does not appear that the results will change. If anything, expect Calderón's numbers to improve slightly. Election day tales echo those emanating from Ohio in 2004: delays, long lines, lack of ballots in outlying regions which strongly support the populist Obrador. Funny how that works out.

In case you might wonder about the candidates and the reasons for the efforts of ChoicePoint -- Jeb Bush's corporate election friend -- this passage is telling and all you need to know about why the Bushies were impelled to covertly meddle:
While Calderón has pledged to keep in place pro-U.S. policies of current President Vicente Fox, López Obrador has vowed to delay portions of the North American Free Trade Agreement and to strike a more independent foreign policy, particularly on issues involving Cuba.

The two men also have proposed different ways of discouraging migration to the United States, with López Obrador calling for greater subsidies to the poor and the expansion of public works programs.
Expansion of public works and subsidies to the poor? I can almost here the White House squeaking, yikes!

No matter how in dispute the result might become, it can be further expected that the corporate media will ignore it after pronouncing Calderón the winner. Why should Mexico be treated any differently than Ohio?


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