Sunday, June 04, 2006

Utah's God-fearing Nimrods

I push babies in swings all day long.
I love George Bush because I think he loves babies, too!

It is not at all clear just what the NY Times story about Bush-loving Utah voters is meant to convey, other than the fact that a large fraction of that state comprises a multitude of inveterate dumb-asses. Because that is about all you're going to learn from "red-state" Utah's political outlook, populated as it seems to be by people who can boast no obvious connection to the outside world. Indeed, Utah is one of only three states in the country wherein Bush's approval rating remains above 50% -- and only just. But its status as a hold-out for positive Bush approval is based, as one might expect, on the phantom of Bush's religiosity. And, as far as I can see, on nothing else.

For example, here are some of the scattered, yet single note, statements by various people in justifying their continued support of a president most of the country now sees as reckless and incompetent, if not downright mendacious:
  • When I watch him, I see a man with his heart in the right place...
  • I like George Bush because he is God fearing....
  • I'm against the war in Iraq — and what happened with Hurricane Katrina ... President Bush reminds me of President Reagan. He's a man of principle.
  • He's strong, and he doesn't waver. I like that he is for the family, that marriage should only be between a man and woman.
  • I'm not sure of anything he's done, but I like that he's religious....
The story goes on to inform us that Utah voters "tend to be better educated," though it seems to be an education remarkably devoid of reading ability, observational skills and any kind of critical thinking apparatus:
  • People here like so much of what George Bush has done.
  • I like his honesty.
Though claiming that "people here" like what Bush has done, none of them could actually name anything they like that George Bush has done.

Honesty? I guess when you spend your days pushing babies on swings in the hot Moab sun, there isn't a whole lot of time spent sweating details about illegal invasions of soveriegn nations, extraordinary rendition, prisoner abuse, indefinite detention, secret prisons, NSA warrentless wiretapping, lies to Congress, incompetent cronyism and suppression of scientific opinion. Welcome to Utah.


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