Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lawn Dart

Emboldened by all the other recent, faith-based assaults on civil society, another band of feckless Moses-freaks are making plans to plunk an 850 lb. granite sculpture of the Ten Commandments in a yard directly across the street from the Supreme Court. Fortunately for us all, it appears the bumpkins' efforts will be thwarted by city ordinances that will prohibit the monstrosity from occupying the front yard of the designated house. Though the sculpture is there now and soon to be revealed to the public, it may not be long for the neighbourhood.

This effort is being led by the indefatigable Reverend Robert Schenck, the man who is infamously known to have dabbed holy water around the Senate chamber before the confirmation hearings of Justice Roberts. Says Shenck's group, Faith and Action,
At the heart of the Ten Commandments Project is an effort to restore the moral foundations of American culture.
Hey, I've got a better place for it, not that it would do much good anyway: the front lawn of the White House. In fact, George, we'd all be much better off if you would just honour the last four commandments; you know, the lying, killing, stealing and bearing false witness ones. Swear like a truck-driver, screw around all you want and frankly, none of us cares whether or not you honour your mother and father. That's only 40% compliance. How hard can that be?

This is just another sign that there are far too many so-called "religious" people with not enough to do. Which is strange considering the state of the world these days.


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