Thursday, June 01, 2006

Money for Nothing

George Bush was in Maryland doing what he does best: humping money from loyal GOP supporters for the Maryland Republican Party. And he appeared to have done the job well, raising a million bucks in one night for the state GOP.

While many Republicans up for re-election this fall have choosen to inch away from Bush and his historically poor approval rating, Ehrlich had no qualms about appearing with Bush for some glad-hand smiling in front of a loylist crowd. I expect those who could plop down $8000 for a plate at one of the tables probably are fairly well inoculated against Bush's viral economic depredations and probably think he's been doing a "heck of a job."

Of course, as it oftens does when Bush speaks, irony made a grand appearance that night as Bush praised Ehrlich's fiscal performance as governor of the state, claiming that Ehrlich was responsible for the current budget surplus while also preventing new taxation. I won't get into whether Ehrlich can stake sole claim to this but the sight of Bush proudly applauding Maryland's budget surplus had to have been somewhat disorienting, even to a partisan crowd of $8K-a-plate Republicans.


Anonymous Robb said...

Real estate taxes = Maryland budget surplus.
All of the exchanges and market appreciation should be getting the credit for the surplus. Sorry I missed the $8K dinner, I was with a client trying to help Bobby E add to the surplus that he is so proud of.

8:28 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...

I didn't bother to get into the details of this specious claim but while Ehrlich has been admant about refusing to increase income tax, he has levied a number of fee increases which are effectively taxes anyway. The "flush" tax, tripling highway tolls, none of these levied fees are called tax increases per se.

2:22 PM  

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