Friday, June 02, 2006

We're from the government and we're here to help you

Right on the heels of thinking about the government installing RFID chips in immigrants comes further news of the spawning of our home grown -- and growing -- government/corporate amalgamation. The US government is apparently considering coming to the defense of the telecom companies who handed over customer phone records to the NSA and are now potentially facing enormous class action lawsuits. It won't take much of an effort to thwart the lawsuits, though, as all Bush needs to do is stamp "state secrets" on the data and the cases will be closed. There is, and likely will be, no evidence other than press reports of the programs on which to proceed with any such lawsuits, either as a plaintiff or defendant.

For some hair-raising reading and if you have not already seen the Wired article about and by Mark Klein, the AT&T whistleblower who exposed the NSA phone-slurping shop in an AT&T building in San Francisco, you really must. Comes complete with diagrams and schematics.

Corporations and the Bush adminstration are now fully vested in working with and helping each other and against the interests of the American public. I'm sure you feel safer for it. Right?


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