Monday, June 05, 2006

The Tiring Spectacle

Now that the gay marriage amendment dog and pony show is back on stage, something Bill Frist was "promising" as far back as January, religiosos across the country are crawling back into daylight and stirring up their "values voters" minions. This is especially true in Texas, where that state's GOP convention saw some bold sectarian rhetoric being belted out across the "holy land." Displaying a clear lack of reading comprehension skills, people in charge of the Texas state GOP rallied believers with the charge,
We pledge to exert our influence toward a return to the original intent of the First Amendment and dispel the myth of the separation of church and state.
This is now such a tired -- tiring -- spectacle, I doubt the simpletons who get roused by this election cycle circle jerk will ever catch on to the fact that the people rousing them from their political slumber with calls to morality really don't give a rat's ass about those issues they use to drum up the GOP base.
Back in February, I was amused to learn that some Christianists were getting a little tweaked by how Bush seemed to ignore them as soon as the election was over:
In January of 2005, the Arlington Group, a pernicious gaggle of supercilious "conservative Christian groups," wrote to George Bush to express concern that, post election, the marriage amendment appeared not to be the "first priority" on the White House agenda.
Despite the fact that the marriage amendment has no hope of passing, Bush, once again, is extolling the virtues of ignoring the generally terrible state of affairs his agenda has wrought and that fretting about gays getting married is now the important issue of the day. Dead horse, beaten. I'm guessing that since the immigration issue riled conservatives against Bush, a swing back to traditional GOP wedge issues was seen as the only viable alternative for a party that appears to be completely devoid of governance ability.

Surely the country -- even fundamentalists -- are tired of these jack-ass hacks.


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