Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Rod, the child

the Defense of Marriage requires a constitutional amendment.
-- George Bush, Feb 24, 2004

Yes, folks, it's about that time again. With mid-terms elections on the horizon, the fearless GOP leader of the Senate has now promised to raise the most pertinent and pressing issue facing this nation. Is it

a) The budget deficit
b) New Orleans reconstruction
c) Congressional ethics
d) Election reform
e) Getting the fuck out of Iraq
f) Constitutional ban on gay marriage

If you said (f), congratulations! You must know the schedule. Of course, who doesn't know this tiring drill by now?

With all the major ills that currently plague the country and the world and exactly two years after George Bush declared the need, the odious and servile Bill Frist, a man currently under investigation by the SEC for alleged insider trading, has decided that the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage must be brought to the public square again and floggged in obeisance to the Republican's loyal, moral followers.

Just how stupid can these people be? Apparently, quite.

In January of 2005, the Arlington Group, a pernicious gaggle of supercilious "conservative Christian groups," wrote to George Bush to express concern that, post election, the marriage amendment appeared not to be the "first priority" on the White House agenda.

Buck up, folks. Maybe this time, it will be. And if not this time, then surely the next.


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