Sunday, December 11, 2005

Apology Not Accepted

When I first saw this picture I found it amusing enough but, of course, these kinds of things have been popping up around the country for sometime. This one doesn't look quite as inadvertant this one so I'll assume that the poster conveys a genuine grief.

But just how genuine or widespread can this regret be in the state of Connecticut? Lieberman still has a relatively high approval rating in his state and that seems to be unaffected by the fact that the hand-wringing Senator has seemed like more of a Bush apologist than most Republican senators lately. The increasingly jowly and supplicating Lieberman is a supposed Democrat but doesn't seem to understand -- at all -- the purpose of an opposition party. In fact, I get the strong the feeling that, along with the GOP, he, too, would be perfectly fine with a one party system.

This is a problem created by too many Democrats, especially those in the DLC, who have failed to provide any substantive opposition to the Bush agenda. Indeed, the only time we have seen the Dems stand against a Bush policy objective -- social security privitisation -- was when many other groups had already taken up opposition. These days, the DLC does not lead an opposition but will be content to merely follow one if it happens to be polling well. Their performances in the last few years have been remorselessly craven and they have demonstrated to the country an apparently limitless capacity for feckless and disingenuous politiking and this is demonstrated no better than by, not only Leiberman, but other putative party "leaders" like Biden and Clinton. All of which has got them precisely nowhere. Unfortunately, it has gotten the country into a whole lot of shit.

Leiberman's latest whingeing about how criticism of Bush is undermining the war effort is a spectacular gaffe, both for how out of touch it makes him look and for the overt display that he is, as we've known for sometime, a timorous, hand-wringing wimp. He is so obviously being played as a patsy by the GOP, I just cannot believe that no one is callling him on any of his nauseating performance art. If this is the kind of Democratic pol Connecticut likes, they might as well start their rebranding as a reliable GOP stronghold. Voting for moles like Lieberman merely shellacs the state with a faux glossy blue glaze.


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