Tuesday, December 06, 2005

McCain Goes Down

I had been thinking that McCain, lately, had been showing some promising signs of life with his recent stand against torture. Cernig, at the UnCaP Journal, expressed some doubts about McCain's new-found balls and suggested that there were other considerations that might be driving McCain's agenda. This certainly seemed a viable notion, especially in light of McCain's subsequent support for Graham's proposed suspension of habeas corpus for "enemey combatants." Appearing to wish to ban torture while advocating the suspension of habeas corpus is simply not a self-consistent moral position.

Well, McCain just took a nose dive today, calling Murtha "sentimental" and claiming the respected vet has "never been a big thinker." In striking this stance, McCain is clearly revealing that he really is the kowtowing GOP douchebag that many have recently been calling him. My respect for McCain, such as it was, has completely evaporated.

I'd like to know why the GOP, via McCain, feels a need to keep hammering Murtha, especially after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the White House both said they had plans for withdrawal that looked remarkably like that proposed by Murtha. I am not aware that Murtha is vulnerable in his seat for the next election, but maybe the GOP thinks they can change that.


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