Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Spread, Pt II

Though various reports detailing Iraqi abuse and torture of ... other Iraqis have been coming out here and there, the media have generally kept things spotty, either willingly or not. In a comment on the previous post, The Spread, elendil over at Rummy Diaries points to an ongoing compilation of reports documenting Iraqi-led abuse, illegal arrests and other charming tactics they have clearly picked up from US forces. Also pointed out there is the fact that US forces appear to be, not just the inspiration for this behaviour, but lending a hand on occasion. Nice of them.

What does this say, I wonder, about the putative efficacy of the McCain amendment? Will the CIA and/or US military place their own detainess under Iraqi custody, with a watchful eye on them, of course. This really isn't much of a stretch. Hell, it's not a stretch at all. The CIA has and does do this. The McCain amedment will just make them stuff those buggers into some other jail run by someone else.

elendil appears devoted to tracking the dreaful behaviour of Iraqi officials and the larger issue of the abuses being conducted in the name of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and ... what's that other thing Bush likes to say? oh yeah ... human rights. It should give anyone pause who might want to believe that the officials now in charge are leaving the days of Saddam behind them. Rather, they seem to be just picking up the ball ... and chain.


Blogger elendil said...

Hi. I'm glad you found my link useful. You touch on an point I believe is important. I sincerely believe that if the American public had taken the opportunity presented to them when the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, and stamped out this scourge, we wouldn't be in half the mess we are now wrt torture. Who knows, maybe there would be less hatred from Sunnis to Shia right now. There is another opportunity being presented right now in your govt. I want to urge Americans not to waste it, or it will just get worse again.

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