Monday, November 14, 2005

Furiouser and Furiouser

Santorum is backpedaling furiously right now and his latest effort now has him recanting previous pronouncements that intelligent design should be regarded as a "legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in the classroom."

After every single lunk head on the Dover school board pushing the ID nonsense was given the boot by disenchanted voters who were none to keen on seeing the louts mess up their children's education, suddenly Santorum has come over all scientific and now says that ID doesn't belong in science class. He now says that he has some concerns about certain parts of the "theory." Perhaps Santorum now recognises the fact that ID isn't actually a theory. Yeah, right. Santorum wouldn't know a scientific theory if it bit him on the ass.

What Santorum clearly does know is that him sidling up to ID proponents certainly would have bit him on the ass. With his poll numbers already tanking and the Dover school board vote acting as a political wind sock even Ricky could read, the proper stance became clear, even if he has no idea what the hell is wrong with teaching ID in science class.

Santorum seems nearly spun out as he tries to move away from the metastasizing investigatory and policy ulcer aggravating Washington right now, something that does not appear to be anywhere near remission despite the efforts of spin doctors. I only hope PA voters don't buy into it a year from now.


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