Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Job Hunter

Sam Alito claims that his 1985 argument against abortion rights was merely made because he was "an advocate seeking a job." Some, including Alito, are claiming that Alito is now older and "wiser" and will have a better understanding of the Constitution. Really? Is that that what this means? If I were a prospective employer of Samuel Alito, I would tend to view his claim as evidence that he will say just about anything when humping for employment. Does it make the Christian right happy to hear that Alito only argues against abortion when trying to get a job?

Beware, Senators. Someone who tells you that they said something just to get a job is likely to do the same thing again. This ought to be setting off alarms bells. What is amazing to me is that Alito -- and some senators -- think this is a pefectly fine thing to admit on his hopefully blocked way to the Supreme Court.


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