Tuesday, November 15, 2005

In the Face of It All

One might think that lawmakers would be a little more deferential towards certain Americans these days, especially given that they managed to employ them in their rhetoric at almost every opportunity. But, apparently I was wrong. I can't even imagine the thought processes that are behind this:
Congressional budget negotiators have decided to take back $125 million in Sept. 11 aid from New York, which had fought to keep the money to treat sick and injured ground zero workers.

New York officials had sought for months to hold onto the funding, originally meant to cover increased worker compensation costs stemming from the 2001 terror attacks.

But a massive labor and health spending bill moving fitfully through House-Senate negotiations would take back that funding....
Meanwhile, we get some new bridges. In Alaska. The shame these fucks are bringing to this country must end soon or something going to snap.


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I agree 100 percent with you!

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