Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not Our Fault

Both Bush and Santorum chose to use Veteran's Day to complain about criticism, which they clearly can't handle because, well, it's dropping their poll numbers. Santorum is in the toilet right now and it looks very much like that asswipe will be gone next year. That isn't soon enough. Bush's approval rating is also twirling down into a political nether world not seen since Nixon's grumpy last days and, instead of actually doing the job that is expected of one occupying the Oval Office, he whines and bitches that everyone is being mean and "partisan," even those Republicans who have been criticizing him. In the annals of the American presidency, a more puerile White House embarassment is hard to recollect.

Santorum also tossed out yet another howler that the unpopularity of the war is the media's fault as much as it is the White House's. He dredges up the tired line that WWII would have been lost if all America had worried about was the body count. This pathetic rhetorical tactic of equating WWII with Bush's phoney war of choice does nothing but display an umseemly disrespect for -- or ignorance of, it's always to hard to tell with Santorum -- history.

I still can't believe anybody bothers reporting anything that Santorum spits out after his man-on-dog media moment, although he may also believe that the media are just out to discredit him with his own stupidity. But you can't blame the media for that; it's fun and easy to do. I still haven't figured out how the man ties his shoes in the morning. Santorum's political expiration date can't come soon enough.


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