Friday, November 04, 2005

Image Abberation

Despite having been asked to not visit her country by a member of Argentina's parliament and much to the chagrin of Argentinians who are "hunkering down," hoping that anti-Bush protests don't get out of hand, George Bush went there anyway on mission mostly designed, it seems, for him to "smooth the United States' troubled image in Latin America." I can't imagine why the White House thinks George is the one to do such things but he is down there, nonetheless, pissing off residents of Mar Del Plata.

Having led his own country into a war in violation of international law, Bush sanctimoniously urged Latin America to commit to democratic governance and said that,
The United States has common ground with countries that promote democracy and freedom and believe in the rule of law.
And secret prisons, he he he. I think you'll find that those'll come in handy when yer fightin' those evildoers, especially if they have the patina of a Soviet gulag. That always scares 'em.

Bush further spoke to the "common ground" the US and Argentina share and spoke well of Manu Ginobili of Bahia Blanca
He's made a vital contribution to a basketball team from the state in which I live.
Bush further said that the guard for the San Antonio Spurs is a "good ambassador" for Argentina, presumably for his "vital contribution" to the NBA. Vital.

It's at this point that I have to wonder, is this scripted or is Bush just making this up on the fly? Of course, this is a purely rhetorical question because we know full well that Bush does nothing unscripted. My god, the scripting coming out of the White House these days has really taking a dive. It has never been very good but this is simply embarrassing.

Since his own administration launched an illegal war and threatens more, killed untold tens of thousands of civilians, operates secret prisons, tortures and abuses prisoners and argues with the Senate for the privilege to do so, I really have to wonder if Bush, or anyone else in the White House, thinks that anyone, apart from Victor Davis Hanson, believes his bullshit about "the rule of law" and "freedom."


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