Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Government Yes Man

MCM at News From the Underground, received a rather interesting letter regarding Alito and contains a rather strong opinion about Alito's judicial perspective. It is certainly not a surprising statement but strongly confirms what has already been observed in Alito's opinions that have so far been examined.
Alito is the epitome of a federal government yes man. He has no regard for individual liberty or privacy. His game is to use the vast array of prosecutorial tools available and prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by law. Like Chertoff, he completely lacks a sense of proportionality. His ascension up the judicial corporate ladder was fueled by a twisted zeal for performing what he believes to be God's work. To him, Rule of Law is merely a euphemism for law to the nth degree.
This is especially believable after discovering this little gem, an opinion that not only subverted an individual civic right to sue under the Clean Water Act, an opinion that was strongly overturned by the Supreme Court, but also contained an anti-environmental taint. That's a win-win for a jurist in Bush's world. And just like Roberts, Alito also seems to have a penchant for harrassing 10 year-old girls and/or throwing them in jail.


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