Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stirring the SCOTUS Pot


It turns out the Sam Alito might actually have been someone who, at one point in his life, thought he lived in a liberal democracy. This was , of course, a long time ago, in those lusty, free-lovin' days of the early seventies.

AP has a story about Alito's freaky college days when he was given to defending privacy rights and placing curbs on domestic government intelligence gathering. And he opined that, basically, the government should butt out of people's sex lives and put an end to anti-gay discriminatory hiring practices. This is some fairly lude opinionating from someone whose nomination to the Supreme Court makes James Dobson happy.

None of these positions has seemed to mean much to Alito in his days as an appellate court judge, however, and his record there has quite clearly delineated his current, "grown-up" views on individual rights, including privacy. Hey, people change. Nothing new about that.

What will be interesting, though, will be how reactionary fundamentalists and the rest of the Christian base handles this information. These are not people who are generally disposed toward believing that people change ... ever. Even if it means swinging their way. This may just be the kind of thing that sets them off on a anti-Alito tirade. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

Of course, being the paranoid lunatics that many of them are, they may just see this some liberal media plot to get them riled. And, actually, in this case, they might be right.

But that can't be right. A truly conspiratorial "liberal" media would actually cover up the fact that the current SCOTUS nominee is a raging liberal defender of privacy rights, thereby ensuring the Christian base fully supports the nominee, in which case, he sales through the confirmation and can begin to exact the "homosexual agenda" and make James Dobson look like the fool we all know him to be. Bwahahahaha ....

That's what a Bernie Goldberg liberal media would do.

[hat tip:Americablog]


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