Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Diplomatic Position

This was interesting, funny on its own perverse level and painfully banal. After 173 prisoners were found, malnourished and apparently tortured, in the basement of an Interior Ministry building in Baghdad, US officials had to strike the hypocritical, "this is an outrage!" pose.

A joint statement released by the US Embassy in Baghdad and the US military declared that the discovered situation was "totally unacceptable," and, even better, "that mistreatment of detainees will not be tolerated." Exactly who was not going to tolerate mistreatment of detainees is left unsaid.

You have got to wonder how the various embassy officials and diplomats manage to cough up this stuff. Do they sleep well at night after making such overtly ridiculous and hypocritical claims? Who knows? They might just be drunk all the time. If I had to do that job, I know I would be.


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