Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Yearwood of living dangerously

Reverand Lennox Yearwood was waiting in line to attend the Petraeus family circus on Capitol Hill. He was wearing a lapel button that said, “I LOVE THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ." He was refused entry into the hearing room and, as he was asking a Capitol Hill police officer why he was not being allowed passage as others in line went freely into the room, six cops surrounded him, tackled and injured him and then arrested him. As though the cringe-inducing sight of six beefy, armed police piling on top the elderly minister was not grotesque enough, they added more Orwellian spice to the scene and as the Reverand was carried away in a wheel chair, he was cited for "assaulting a police officer."

This happened -- it cannot be overstated -- while the US military, at the behest of Congress and the White House, testified about the progress of a war that is supposedly protecting our freedoms. The incident occured within spitting distance of a document that suppposedly guarantees certain unalienable rights, which are now known to be entirely alienable.

Quite a sight. Six cops tackling a black minister in the halls of Congress. My, my, how far we've come.


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