Saturday, September 01, 2007

Countervailing facts on Iran

Anyone interested in the countervailing facts surrounding the growing White House narrative on Iran, check out Cernig's summary of the state so far. An excellent compendium of information entirely at odds with the current narrative being issued by the Bush administration.

A sampler:
Despite repeated claims by neoconservative pundits and Bush administration officials that Iran is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan with EFP bombs, neither the US Army's own bomb expert in theatre, NATO allies nor the commanding US general agree with that assessment.

As former CIA field officer Robert Baer points out, co-operation between Iraqi fighters and Hezboullah has an 18 year history and any assessment of Iranian involvement in the transmission of EFP technology from Hezboullah to the Iraqi insurgency is reaching further than the evidence provides for.

Hezboullah got EFP technology - including the use of infra-red triggers - from the Irish Republican Army in the early 1990's. The IRA had also traded the same technology to various other terrorist groups including Columbia's FARC and Spain's ETA. Iraqis fighting for Hezboullah and then returning to their homeland took their gained knowledge of EFP manufacture with them. Claims that only Iran knows how to make EFP's are ludicrous.
Check it out, and all the supporting links.


Blogger The Misanthrope said...

This is very scary. I am not convinced this administration is through making trouble yet. I feel confident they are thinking if we don't do it now it will never get done.

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