Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Housing bubble? there is no housing bubble

After the Dow dropped another 207.61 points today, I've got share the headlines of the financial world. It sounds like the fucking apocalypse:
Sentinal warns of losses if clients panic.
Tokyo stocks may loose ground after Wall St. tumble
Asian stocks may fall on U.S. drops and credit woes
Stocks drop as U.S. credit, consumer worries weigh
Credit woes, metal prices slam Toronto stocks
WRAPUP 3 -ECB calls for calm, credit worries roil markets


Anonymous Pete R said...

Think the prop-up efforts will hold?
Apparently there is a loooong way to go on ARM resets, hence foreclosures, and lots of junk paper that no one is willing to value. I think this is what they call "mark to market"? Pull up, economy, pull up!

9:10 PM  

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