Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let slip the surly bonds of lies

A talking head on national television let slip one of those telling and overlooked burps that no one in the mainstream media will acknowledge or even repeat. In fact, the reaction to the statement was notable for its non-existance: nothing to see to here, people!

In what can only be described as a surreal discussion about General Lute's previous suggestion that a draft might be considered, wherein we are treated to the sight of "Democratic strategist," Stephanie Cutter, talking about the "tremendous amount of political will" that will be required to "get this done" [instituting the draft, that is], Washington Times' Tony Blankley blurted out something at which the host, the indubitable Pat Buchanan, and his supposed Democratic counterpart barely blinked:
Obviously, the politics isn't there for it, but if you have some future disasters, and we're not up to being able to defend the oil fields or ....
Whoa!! Now, just wait a minute. Only moments prior, Pat Buchanan was lamenting the fact that the American people are not up to doing battle for democracy.
... the American people are willing ... they're not willing to do battle, I mean they don't want to loose this war in Iraq, but they're not willing to do battle endlessly for democracy in Iraq....
This is tremendously instructive and is indicative of just how stupid these people think the "American people" actually are; what little regard they have for these "American people." I also wonder who are these "American people" that the Buchanans and Blankleys and Cutters of the world talk about. Because most seem not to buy into that load of bullshit.

Since I've been pounding on the idea that US troops are not going to be leaving and will become garrison guards of the oil fields after an initial draw-down, I've probably acclimated Alan Breslauer, aka, hotpotatomash, to noticing something like this and hats-off to Alan for catching it. At least, I would like to believe that might be the case. He's a smart guy, though, and I probably had nothing to do with his acute attention to detail.

Watch the vid at Bradblog. And watch the mewling Stephanie Cutter again if you need to be convinced that the Democrats are just as much of a problem as the GOP.


Anonymous Blakenator said...

Methinks a draft would get the attention of the American public. The only way these bastards have been able to keep this disaster going is by keeping any real sacrifice by the general public out of sight.

12:05 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...

Yes, which is exactly why they have avoided talk of draft after years of hearing that the military is stressed. Recall that Kerry was excoriated by the GOP and, hence, the media in 2004 when he suggested that the Republicans would be suggesting a draft if the debacle in Iraq continued. He was laughed at.

And, now, here we see Bush's War Czar saying that a draft ought to be considered. I think this guy, Lute, is way off the reservation, and said so. It is politically impossible to start a draft because that would be the start of the awakening. And we can't have that.

The Army is now making their recruiting numbers with god knows what sort of neo-nazis, felons and mental deficients, so we can keep dumping meat into the grinder in order to keep most of America completely unaware of the costs of this disaster. Because they know that if confronted with a draft, a majority would finally say, our lives for your war? uh, uh.

This is a conundrum for the American citizen by at once realizing that they are against this imperialism, yet fully indebted to it. A difficult situation, since we don't seem to want to cut back on our extravagant way of life.

1:42 AM  

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