Thursday, August 16, 2007

AWOL and Wikiganda

Just a quick note that I will be away for a couple more weeks.

But a recommendation comes to keep an eye on Wikipedia, a story which I'm sure many have already heard. It is becoming "rife with propaganda," as the CIA, Microsoft, Wal-mart, Fox News and Diebold have all been found to be editing a spectrum of entries, not only about themeselves but historical events as well, where I suspect the CIA is most involved. For instance, did you know that, according the hacked Wikipedia, the Taliban ruled Iraq before the invasion?

Great. The fetid and corrupt corpse of the American establishment is rendering what once promised and had the potential to be a fantastic tool into a useless trove of disinformation, propaganda and outright lies. In other words, they are curling an expert community-based reference into an establishment record of a false history, like much of the rest of our so-called historical "knowledge" of the American empire. Entirely expected and wholly disappointing.



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