Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baghdad on the Hudson

Simply Appalling notes a particular feature of the recent manhunt in New Jersey. Police now "tear through" entire neighborhoods searching for bad guys:
In the days since the shootings, investigators have recovered various pieces of evidence, including shell casings from at least one gun and a beer bottle with what they say are Mr. Carranza’s fingerprints. On Wednesday night, after the police recorded a formal statement made by Ms. Aeriel identifying Mr. Carranza, they obtained an arrest warrant and descended on the street in Orange where he lives.

About two dozen officers went house to house, said one neighbor, Pauline Bourne, “tearing right through them.”

The officers did not find Mr. Carranza....
Sure to become modus operandi for our police state constabulary. What is notable about this feature of the tale is how un-notable it was; a mere toss off in the story, designed, I suspect, to convey the sense of urgency, as though this is perfectly fine action on the part of the police. I suspect the people who had their houses rifled didn't think anything about it. Ms. Bourne seems only a tad miffed and certainly does not sound like someone whose constitutional rights had been violated. Are we simply getting used to this?


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