Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back draft

Bush's "War Czar" wandered seriously off the reservation.
Frequent tours for U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have stressed the all-volunteer force and made it worth considering a return to a military draft, President Bush's new war adviser said Friday.

I think it makes sense to certainly consider it," Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute said in an interview with National Public Radio's "All Things Considered."

"And I can tell you, this has always been an option on the table. But ultimately, this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation's security by one means or another," Lute added in his first interview since he was confirmed by the Senate in June.

No, General Lute, it is not a "policy matter." As with most things in this administration, re-instituting a draft is a political matter. And implementing a draft for an highly unpopular war is political doom for the Republicans. So what we hear is the president's "position," which routinely fails to connect with reality.

National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe:
The president's position is that the all volunteer military meets the needs of the country and there is no discussion of a draft.
The Bush administration will continue to sap and abuse the armed forces until Bush is gone, which leaves it up the next president to consider, just like any possible withdrawal from Iraq. But neither Democrat nor Republican will bring back a draft. It is political doom. Which is really why Bush and the GOP have resisted the notion of a draft, even as the Iraq war further drives the military to the breaking point with soldiers now routinely expecting third, fourth, possibly fifth tours. Everyone knows this.

Apparently realizing that talk of bringing back the draft put Lute into bear country. Lute counters his own statements that the Army is "stressed," in order to get back on the ranch.
Today, the current means of the all-volunteer force is serving us exceptionally well.
So, the Army is stressed, but it is "serving us exceptionally well," so we will continue to stress it and leave the mess to next administration.


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