Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tales from Iran

In a fine turn that demonstrates a far greater grasp of reality than that which his now irksome brother seems to clutch, Peter Hitchens delivers a fascinating and discursive tale about his travels in Iran and his interactions with the Iranian people. More of this sort of reporting about the reality on the ground is what Americans need to see. Which means, of course, that it is exactly the kind of story the Bush administration does not want them know.

Hitchens' conclusion:
By threatening Iran, we only help its rulers keep the wavering support of their people and strengthen their alliance with Muslim hardliners elsewhere.

Iran is not a serious threat to us, and if we treat it as one we will be tumbling into yet another foolish trap, devised by silly, ignorant politicians, from which it will take decades to escape.

Read it all. More on his daily travels throughout Iran, where he presents his dairy of the trip.

[via Cernig at the revamped Newshoggers]


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