Friday, April 20, 2007

Onward and upward

Chris Bowers has compiled an interesting, if not unexpected set of numbers scraped from Iraq Coalition Casualties. It demonstrates an irrefutable and increasingly deadly trend:
According to Iraq Coalition Casualties, here are the coalition fatalities grouped by Friedman unit (half a year), since the start of the war:

3/21/03-9/19/03: 360 total, 1.97 per day
9/20/03-3/20/04: 327 total, 1.79 per day
3/21/04-9/19/04: 485 total, 2.65 per day
9/20/04-3/20/05: 527 total, 2.90 per day
3/21/05-9/19/05: 405 total, 2.21 per day
9/20/05-3/20/06: 421 total, 2.31 per day
3/21/06-9/19/06: 398 total, 2.17 per day
9/20/06-3/20/07: 561 total, 3.08 per day
3/21/07-current: 94 total, 3.24 per day


Anonymous HPM said...

well, you are not taking into account that all the dates are after 9/11. and the world changed on 9/11. are you with the terrorists? or are you just a bush hater? i know, america is some big evil country that didn't save the world from the nazis. we removed a dictator. and we could have left right after that, but no, b/c we are noble, b/c we care, we stuck around to help the iraqis out so they could get used to democracy. democracy ain't easy but it's a noble cause. take the US as an example. it took us about 200 years to perfect. and who knows if there will ever be another karl rove to work out the kinks in iraq too. we're noble.

10:14 PM  

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