Friday, April 20, 2007

Magic Carpet

In 2001, The White House concierge asked George Bush what kind of rug he wanted in the Oval Office. Bush said,
Make sure the rug says, ‘Optimistic person comes to work.’
Feeling put upon by all the scandals and bad press swirling around his administration, George Bush set out to find some friendlier territory. Hard to come by these days, but apparently it can still be had in certain remote regions of Ohio. Tipp City, to be precise. There, Bush surrounded himself in a wash of admiration and, facing no challenges, proceeded to spout his usual soporific platitudes about steadfastness and resolve; he pays no attention to polls that say his governance is largely condemned. Except in Tipp City. He told the rapt Ohio halflings that history would vindicate him, despite the current, hostile feelings. Bush has been insisting on this eventual praise for himself for quite sometime now.

He then proceeded to discuss American prospects for winning in Iraq, though no one really knows what "winning" would actually mean there. Not to worry, though, he is still optimistic. He said,
Remember the rug?
Apparently, George has forsaken his direct line to God. Now, his rug tells him all he needs to know.


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