Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Immediate action

While most reasonable people are loathe to draw hasty conclusions so soon after the horrifying events in Blacksburg, Virginia, spotty reports of the shooter's identity lend themselves to at least one action deserving prompt implementation: Michelle Malkin must be imprisoned immediately. She's of Asian descent, obviously unhinged and capable of who knows what mayhem. Quite possibly, she represents a threat to anyone in her immediate vicinity.

Given Malkin's advocacy of racial profiling and internment*, I'm sure she won't mind, knowing that her imprisonment would be a necessary step in preemptively protecting the public.

*For further information about the necessity of race-based internment, see In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror, M. Malkin, Regnery Press, 2004. Now available for as little as $2.56.


Blogger spiiderwebâ„¢ said...

Tell me why Michelle Malkin hasn't been interred already.

She's obviously an enemy of the state and severely deranged. Leaving her loose is criminal.

9:13 PM  
Blogger theBhc said...

Loose?! Hell, she's all over the place.

12:35 AM  

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